Cédric RABANY Senior agronomist - experience since 2003 - Expert in agro-food sectors and general manager of RONGEAD with a long standing experience in managing and monitoring projects for RONGEAD (since 2003) funded by the European Commission, AFD, GIZ, World Bank and the private sector. He implements projects focused on value chain development in West and Central Africa (both food and cash crop). He has a good knowledge of semi-arid agro-forest systems and their specific market (cashew, shea, acacia..). He has an extensive experience of business development and deep technical expertise on value chain analysis and development, including niche market like fair and organic markets. He has a good methodological skill in Facilitation of workshop and Training of Trainers, and a good knowledge of contracting farming and cooperation with agribusiness private sector. He is the co-founder of a market information service available in West Africa on agro-food chains. Download CV
Julien GONNET Geographer & ICT Expert - experience since 2004 - Geographer / Sustainable Development - 14 years experience mainly in Ivory Coast and Chad. Expert in project conception and management to strengthen producers of agricultural sectors and non-wood food products (NWFP) in market proficiency and access, certification Organic/Fair trade, organization and capacity building of value chains actors and in charge of ICT programs for agriculture particularly with mobile operators. Also specialized in development training tools and modules, actors’ training, food security and biodiversity. Experience and skills in the management of EU, AFD and GIZ funds, for approx. 500 k€/year. Coordination of 35 people. He is a co-founder of a market information service available in West and Central Africa on agro-food chains. Download CV
Caroline CAMALEONTE Agronomist - experience since 2007 - Good experience in supporting the development of African local chains. Experience as a project manager in Tanzania and Ivory Coast in the groundnut sector. Excellent capacity of training in rural communities and good knowledge of local and global market requirements (studies on chains for NUTRISET, world leader of groundnut-based food supplements). Download CV
Souleymane Jules GAYE Sustainable community development expert - experience since 2009 - He has extensive experience in rural development in West Africa, particularly in the fields of production and processing of primary industry, identification and enhancement of local individual or collective initiatives on community life (implementation process, management and operation). Working for the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Senegal has allowed him to gain strong knowledge on techniques of formulation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies and national strategies of West African countries. He is familiar with USAID, EU and AFD procedures. Download CV
Loïc SIMONNOT Agronomist - experience since 2010 - He has experience as a project manager in Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Central Africa and excellent technical mastery of the shea sector: producers’ organizations, picking and production methods, processing, marketing. He has conducted studies for professionals in shea sector and as an expert for the Global Shea Alliance (African professional association of the shea sector). Very good knowledge in reducing processing environmental impacts of. His high level expertise is recognized by both the public sector and the private sector. Download CV
Ezéchiel DINGAMADJI Agronomist - experience since 2010 - Local coordinator of RONGEAD projects in Chad. Very good knowledge of the field, especially the South. Good command on shea sector, actors, basic organisations and challenges. Download CV
Pierre RICAU Agro-economist - experience since 2010 - Analysis of Agricultural Markets: Structural studies and monitoring of agricultural market’s fundamentals; Data processing, macroeconomic and microeconomic models; Forecasting and analysis of market risks. Analysis of agro-industrial sectors and public policies: Value chain analysis; Impact and comparative advantages studies; Training and advice on marketing and business strategies and on sectorial support policies. Market Information Services (MIS): Building and management of efficient and low cost market information services; Training and empowerment of public or public market information agencies; Publication of market information adapted to market stakeholders. Download CV
Ousmane N’DIAYE Agronomist - experience since 2012 - Expert in agricultural market analysis in Africa (based in Bamako, Mali); follow-up, support, advice and development in organic farming for African producers’ organizations; plant breeding and seed production; technical support in agronomic research. Download CV
François GRIFFON Agronomist - experience since 2013 - Local coordinator of RONGEAD projects in Chad. Good knowledge of the field and expert of value chain analysis, market study, farmers’ organisations services and support. Download CV
Etienne PERRIER Environnement & Energy Thermal Systems Expert - experience since 2013 - Thermal/energy: heat transfer, heat engines, combustion, renewable energy. Environment: industrial ecology, treatment/management/waste recycling, environmental management, carbon footprint. General training: process control, numerical analysis, solid mechanics, electrical machine, business economics, sociology. Download CV
 Noémie RULLIER Agronomist - experience since 2014 - Agricultural and rural development diagnosis (analysis and understanding of agricultural practices), advice to farmers (adapted methods and tools for farmers), training engineering (pedagogical support design, workshop facilitation). Very good knowledge of the agricultural sector (Ivory Coast in particular). Download CV
Benjamin GARNIER Agronomist - experience since 2015 - Expert in analysis of agricultural and forestry projects, assembly and coordination of projects in the South context. He has several experiences in Benin and Togo. As a project manager, he conducted several feasibility studies for investment funds wishing to invest in sustainable projects in different sectors in Africa and Latin America. His expertise covers both technical analysis of production and processing systems, study of agricultural markets, analysis of value chains and analysis of the social and environmental impacts of projects. Download CV
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