A cultural coffee shop in Tansarga!

June 2015 : Field school in Burkina Faso on the construction of a woodless coffee shop attached to an exhibition hall on local arts and crafts an a space of cultural representation - within the frame of the Gourmantour project

The Gourmantour project supports the development of tourist infrastructure of his partner: the municipality of Tansarga at the entrance of the Gobnangou cliffs.

Tansarga - Chantier

17 masons from localities of the cliff are thus being practically trained in green construction techniques. Indeed, our technical partner Development Workshop Burkina, leading training, is a specialized association on buildings that favours the use of local materials such as laterite blocks and mud bricks, which do not involve the use of wood ; a small but symbolic contribution to forest conservation in this country hard hit by deforestation.

This project is a collaboration with the municipality of Tansarga that will build in the coming months its communal inn near the "cultural coffee shop."


Logo_Development Workshop

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