Cashew nut Burkina Faso 2007

2007 : Cashew nuts chain : an opportunity for economic, social, environmental development in the Hauts Bassins Region (Burkina Faso)

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Burkina Faso
Proportion carried out by candidate: 11 %
Number of staff provided: 1
Name of client: Région Rhône-Alpes Région des Hauts Bassins
Origin of funding: Région Rhône-Alpes
Name of partner(s): INADES-FORMATION Burkina Faso

Detailed description of project :

Objective :
Organise a training on raising awareness on cashew nuts chain in the Hauts Bassins Region aiming at reinforcing the project structure and ensuring the legitimacy of local actors.

Direct beneficiary :
Actors within the Hauts Bassins region (producers, GIE processors , women’s associations, Public service personnel...) in order to reinforce the organisation of the regional chain.

Implementation and expected results :

  • Preliminary survey to training session on cashew nut: identification of group beneficiaries.
  • Organisation of a discussion training session on promotion of cashew nuts within the region (21-22 December) with trainings implemented by RONGEAD (know-how on cashew nuts chain, on training aid production and on training methodology issues) and INADES FORMATION Burkina Faso.
  • Training session are organised under the aegis of Hauts Bassins Government Haut Patronage and of the President of the regional Council (local authorities invited to open every training session).
  • Interviews with local authorities in order to take all appropriates steps to contribute to the improvement of the policy aiming at supporting the chain (regulatory framework, transports and infrastructures, storage issues, quality control, training policy etc).

Methodology :
In order to foster innovation and actors’ independency, the core of the project has been based on the sole training, technical assistance and designing of training models, training aid and preliminary material models. As for the shelling unit : implementation of demonstrations (materials and processing) and proposals of technical choices vis à vis potential regional investors without direct interferences into direct shelling activities which have to be managed by regional actors’ experts so as to foster ownership and sustainability.

Results / recommendations :

  • Enhanced professional structure of the whole raw cashew nut chain : production / collection / storage / marketing
  • Support to quality management
  • Support to hand craft shelling : technical and commercial support, certification support (Bio; Equitable)
  • Foster consultation within the actors in charge of the chain
  • Foster exchanges within the sub region

Type of services provided :

  • Survey on the field
  • Training organisation
  • Drafting of reports and minutes
  • Feed back to local authorithies
  • Evaluation within beneficiaries

To download :

       Project summary BFA.09.07 (PDF : 40.4 kb)

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