Cashew nut energy valorization (2009-2010)

2009 → 2010 : Energy valorization of by-products from the agro-industrial cashew nut chain in the North of Ivory Coast : phase 1 (valorization of the cashew nut shells)

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Ivory Coast
Number of staff provided: 1
Name of client: Fondation d’entreprise POWEO
Origin of funding: Fondation d’entreprise POWEO
Name of partner(s): COPABO (Coopérative des Producteurs Agricoles de Bondoukou)

Detailed description of the project:

This project takes a step further the program of agro-industrial’s development of the cashew nut chain, supported by the European Union since 1997. It aims at increasing local value addition through transformation of the product, and at improving competitiveness in order to increase and diversify exportation. Competitiveness’ improvement requires valorization of by-products, especially because transformation consumes a lot of energy.

Global objectives

To facilitate the setting up of cashew nut transformation units, which are foreseen as expected results under the program co-financed by the European Commission, especially through increasing energetic effectiveness thanks to the creative use of discarded by-products resulting from the transformation .
To increase benefits from the sale of the cachew nut almond (after shelling) by reducing the overall costs of the process of transformation.
To promote domestically accessible energy for villager in the northern Ivory Coast, by transforming unused by-products of the cashew nut chain.
To promote diversification of income sources along the cashew nut chain, by selling burning material available locally.

Projects implementation and expected results:


  • Cashew nut shell valorization by "agglo-briqueting"; this product can be used to drive the transformation process and the excess can be sold.
  • Participative training (50 leaders) and technical training, in order to adapt oven and make them energy efficient, technical assistance, guidelines and training tools.

Targets and Indicators of success

  • 3 villages of Zanzan area (Kiramisse, Kpanan, Taoudi) members of the same cooperation, will, at the end of the project use:

3 transformation units equipped with energy efficient ovens, using the agglo bricks
Production of bricks made of cashew nut shells for the softening process of the cachew nut shell and the nuts drying process

  • Wood savings: around 100 metric tons a year (provided the cooperative’s production reaches a 100 metric tons of shelled nuts in the year 2009-2010)

A better value added that will translate in :

  • a 20% increase in workers daily salaries
  • Creation of a half time job (corresponding to the transformation season) in each unit.
  • 50 000 bricks a year (350g/unit) and sold 20Fcfa the package of 3 (corresponding to the amount necessary for to cook for 2 hours and a half, the time needed to prepare one meal).

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With the support of :

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Vidéo 2 - Sépingo : Résultat du remplissage d’un chauffe-eau solaire
Vidéo 3 - Taoudi: Premier essai du chauffe-eau solaire
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