Cashew nut program / Ivory Coast (2007-2010)

2007 → 2010 : Cashew nut shelling : a real opportunity for the northern Ivory Coast’s population

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Ivory Coast
Proportion carried out by candidate: 15 %
Number of staff provided: 5
Name of client: European Commission
Origin of funding: European Union
Name of partner(s): INADES-FORMATION Côte d’Ivoire

Detailed description of project :

This programme, currently on going, started in January 2007 and it has duration of 4 years. It comes in the aftermath of a long activity and presence of Rongead in the Ivory Coast which lasted several years. It is the follow up of the previous programme "Cashew nut chain structure: a sustainable contribution to peace" (already co-financed by the EC - 2004-2008).

Global objectives :

  • Fight against poverty
  • Foster women’s equality and independence
  • Insure economic and social development protecting natural resources
  • Ease integration of vulnerable population within a global economy, in particular through fostering Fair Trade
  • Contribute to create adding value through local transformation
  • Contribute to peace in the Ivory Coast improving women and young people living standards whose socio economic situation is affected by the conflict

Specific objective :
Foster the setting up of activities that generate incomes for vulnerable populations through the sustainable development of the hand craft shelling chain of cashew nut.

Target group :

  • 400 women et 100 young people in the northern area of the Ivory Coast, affected by the conflict
  • 50 groups and people in charge of several cooperatives
  • 50 craftsmen in the north of Ivory Coast
  • 50 technical operators or State personnel

Final beneficiaries :
5000 people coming from the target group families, the Ivorian State (thanks to the creation of adding value), traders and craftsmen in the north area.

Partners :
The main partners are: INADES FORMATION Côte d’Ivoire, main local responsible for the project, and the NGO Chigata based in Korhogo that insures the following up of the target group within the two regions. The NGO ITAD insures as well a follow up in other regions. At the same time, Ivorian and European speakers are recruited on the basis of the project’s actions.

Main implementation :


  • An agribusiness local transformation system of the cashew nut exists in the north of the Ivory Coast, it allows incomes improvement for the vulnarable population
  • Transformation technology is generalized in the northern area, rendering available shelling tools and the maintenance of the units
  • The enhancement of volume of almond commercialised (local and international market) by the farm organisations, according to current international standards, improves rural economy in the north of Ivory Coast
  • A public/private debate is organized, in order to define a combined policy favorable to agribusiness cluster development in the north of Ivory Coast

Type of services provided :

  • Project implementation
  • Local Partner management
  • Identification of beneficiaries
  • Trainings Organizations
  • Drafting of reports
  • Publication of educational tools

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To download :

       Poster of cashew nuts (PDF : 282 kb)

       Booklet of cashew nut shelling (PDF : 1 Mb)

       RONGEAD’s history in Ivory Coast (PDF : 187 kb)

       Project summary CIV.01.07 (PDF : 83.4 kb)

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