PHOTO_1 RONGEAD, established in 1983, is a non-governmental non-profit organization (NGO) based in Lyon whose activities cover the areas of agricultural industries, agro-industrial and NTFPs to facilitate market access for value chain actors, to strengthen producer organizations capacities, to reduce environmental externalities in the process of transformation and promote adapted agricultural policies in developing countries. The actions conducted with our local partners aim to improve agro value chains performance, increasing incomes and value added by strengthening producer organizations. The association is composed of a multidisciplinary team including a dozen employees agronomists, geographers, economists, engineers, environmentalists... The turnover is around 1.3 million euros with funding mainly from AFD, EU, GIZ, the Rhône-Alpes Region, OIF, foundations and the private sector (Orange, OLAM, L’Occitane, IPS West Africa ...). RONGEAD operates in Ivory Coast (cashew nuts, maize, onions, cassava, shea, sesame...), Mali (cashew, sesame, shea ...), Senegal (sesame), Burkina Faso (shea butter, sesame, cashew, Green energy from waste processing cashew / Shea), Chad (groundnut, sesame, non-wood forest products - NWFP – sustainable energy solutions), Tanzania (sustainable value chain of the Nile perch, biogas…). Expert missions around the question of values ​​chains are occasionally conducted in various developing countries (Sudan, Mozambique, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burundi, Gabon, Morocco,…).

Since its creation, RONGEAD strives to maintain in its actions a constant link between our approach and actions at three levels:

 MICRO : Advisory for the management of family farms organisations (OPA) and for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) strengthening the capacity of Civil Society Organisations, facilitate market access (including niche markets), setting up commercial relationship and networking of value chain actors;

MESO :Support national agro value chains and capacity building of non-state actors and public structures; networking of actors in value chains to facilitate intra-sectoral dialogue; advocacy to establish a rational basis for discussions between chain actors; multi-stakeholder participatory workshops value chains; support to national / international private companies; flow of technical information on the sectors;

MACRO : Research on market opportunities and their changes; PHOTO_2 contacts with end value chain actors to prospect opportunities; benchmark similar or related sectors; identification of substitutes and their evolution; building conditions for sustainable and efficient supply for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, industrial sectors (Nagoya Protocol UEBT); training of negotiators and monitoring of international trade negotiations; advocacy for sustainable and profitable supply; international market analysis of a sector, international markets evolutions and market linking between actors.

RONGEAD is member of :

African Cashew Alliance
Union for Ethical Bio Trade
Responsible Fishing Alliance
Sucre Éthique
Alliance Terre Citoyenne
Observatoire des Achats Responsables
Collectif des Associations de Développement en Rhône-Alpes
REEGLE.INFO Clean Energy Info Portal

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