August 2014 : Building viable delivery models of ICT for Agriculture in ACP Countries

Country: Ivory Coast Burkina Faso Mali
Origin of funding: CTA - Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
Start date: août 2014
End date: novembre 2015

LOGO_CTAThis project involves the extension and harmonization of service information and business consultancy called NKALO in Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, an initiative born 6 years ago.

General Purpose

The overall objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness, profitability and ability to manage business risks of 50,000 small farmers and 1,500 actors in value chains in West Africa through an economic intelligence service based on expertise in three sectors with high growth and high added value (shea , cashew and sesame), associated with two important channels for household food security (maize and onion).


This information service is currently operational in the market for cashew nuts, sesame andLogo_NKALO shea (Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso and to a lesser extent in Senegal and Chad) and combines market analysis, engaged and tailored advices to users (producers, SMEs, institutions) and technological flexibility.

Several partners are using this service in commercial technical contexts and various institutional:

  • Active support to mobile network operators into implementation of value added services designed for rural areas (7818 in Ivory Coast, agricultural market information service over USSD, push SMS, call center , IVR, etc..) as well as blogs, weekly bulletins per value chains for the other actors across West and Central Africa (cashew nut, sesame, shea, maize and onions...) ;
  • Support for inter-branch organizations for the implementation of business intelligence and the development of guidance on business risk management (Global Shea Alliance, African Cashew Alliance, National Federation of Sesame producers in Senegal) ;
  • Support to local and international institutions (Conseil Anacarde Coton, Office de Commercialisation des Produits Vivriers).

SEK_NKALONKALO is based on a principle of training, information and advices grouped within a business intelligence service. The training builds the capacity of institutions, SMEs, and producers by using value added information for making decisions. This project therefore aims the migration of the innovative pilot into economic and methodological validation (confirmation of technical, economic assumptions, impacts).

Specific Objectives

  • Structuring and empower local supply business intelligence : to develop local skills that can strengthen the capacity of involved sector stakeholders and empower the sub regional business intelligence services - training of 3 commercial advisors - Activity 1 countries (Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire) and 1 ICT support officer on information matters.
  • Stimulate local demand for regular information and adapted to a variety of users : provide extensive training and annually renewed on technical production and marketing of agricultural products that will allow beneficiaries to effectively use the broadcasted information - Activity 2: Training of the industries actors (sesame, cashew, shea, maize and onion ) to the use of the service and to the participation in its funding.
  • Promote technical conditions, at a competitive cost, that allows the dissemination of information, the collection of subscribers and the sharing of financial resources generated : the focus will be to use any means available in order to achieve an efficient and inexpensive dissemination over GSM networks - Activity 3: Implementation of ICT tools for broadcasting, subscriptions and payments with mobile network operators.
  • Support the growth of the service : the 3 previous activities helps to provide a system for disseminating information on the development of markets for the sectors concerned in real time. This is primarily a weekly SMS broadcasting system - Activity 4: Information and ongoing advice on the markets of agricultural sectors to 50,000 smallholders.
  • Maturation of the market : the project will be designed to rely on a financial model where the intervention of public institutions, private organizations, telephone operators and users, will result in a viable stand-alone service, and possibly profitable. The objective of the first year is to generate a turnover of € 30,000 to cover local human resources - Activity 5: Technical and financial autonomy (farmers organizations, utilities, private buyers, telephone operators, users).

With the financial support of the CTA - Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation


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