Educational tools on Agicultural Value Chains

1 October 2015 : Drafting of training materials to promote the development of value chains and agribusiness in ACP countries

Country: Pays Afrique-Caraïbes-Pacifique
Origin of funding: CTA - Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
Start date: 2014
End date: 2015

Improve relations between actors to structure agricultural chains and make each actor’s income sustainable thanks to the development of training material on agricultural value chains.

Creation of two training materials on agricultural value chains freely available.

  • A training support “Image Box” for producers and small traders and processors.
  • A training support “Presentation” for the actors of the downstream agricultural sectors (traders, food processors, distributors) and agricultural stakeholders in general (Officials, agricultural Advices in Agriculture Students).

The materials were field tested with actors of the shea sector in Burkina Faso and cashew sector in Kenya. They were also used for an intervention at Peleforo Gon Coulibaly University of Korhogo in Ivory Coast for students in Master 1 Agropastoral Industries Management. The supports are accompanied by two pedagogical videos made in partnership with Scientific Animation Without Borders (SAWBO), a laboratory of the University of Illinois in the United States.


Presentation of the educational materials

  • Support "producers" : « The Agricultural Marketing: Build an Agricultural Value Chain to improve the living conditions »

This module is primarily intended for farmers and leaders of producers’ organizations but it can also be interesting to use it to train small traders or artisanal processors. The overall objective of the module is to explain to the actors upstream of an agricultural value chain the importance of managing their business risks and work to adapt to the specifics of the demand and to the constraints of the actors downstream of the value chain in order to increase sustainably their income in a more efficient value chain.

The proposed support consists of images that are designed to be easily adapted to suit local contexts and sectors. The drawings, like all the supports included, are placed under Creative Commons, so they are freely modifiable, adaptable and repeatable, the only condition of use that may be requested is to kindly quote – if adaptation or reproduction - the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) and RONGEAD that ensured their initial implementation.
To adapt the module, an database of images is available and will be gradually expanded to be able to vary the elements for associating the images to contexts and for different sectors (backgrounds, cultures, packaging, dishes , etc.). These images are available in vector formats (.svg) that you can easily modify with the free software Inkscape or other graphics softwares. The background elements are all modifiable and movable and reproducible. The images are also available in a more conventional picture format (.png) that can be changed in a simple software design such as Paint. If the first module is more suited to the grain and oilseed sectors with stored products transported in bags, it is possible to replace the bags with boxes or other containers which enables the association of the images to the fruits or vegetable sectors.
The characters and background elements can also be modified and moved to add key messages and explanations based on new images.

  • Downstream support : « The Agricultural Marketing: Build an Agricultural Value Chain to improve the living conditions »

This module is primarily intended for people who work downstream of agricultural sectors (wholesale marketing, import / export, food processing, distribution) or for persons involved in consulting, expertise or agricultural sectors regulation. It can also be used for training students in the university or in professional training in the agrofood or economic sector.

The overall objective of this module is to explain to the actors of the downstream value chain and to those working across all agricultural sectors the specificity of these sectors in terms of risk and to propose tools and strategies to improve trade relations and build efficient value chains. As for the module for producers, this module can be freely adapted to the needs and specificity of each sector.


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