Ethical Music : A CD to support RONGEAD

1 December 2008 : Make cashew not war : with Tiken Jah Fakoly, a musical album complilation that gathers twelve French and Ivorian artists to support the development projects of RONGEAD in Ivory Coast.

With the singer Tiken Jah Fakoly and the band High Tone, this operation also enables the launching of young artists from both countries. You will also find on the album: Soum Bill, XX Mariani, Garba 50, Picore, Datune, Boombaya, The Wounded Lions, Youze, Aurélie, Billy Billy and Uzul Prod.

Supporting a development project

Profits from the album will enable us to fund some actions for the project. Indeed, RONGEAD has been carrying out for more than fifteen years several actions for development in the sector of cashew nuts in Ivory Coast in partnership with the Institut National Africain for Economic and Social development, an INADES FCI NGO of Ivory Coast.


This project aims at increasing the income of small producers from the north of Ivory Coast. In this perspective, RONGEAD relies on the transformation of the local productions directly on the spot, before selling. The activity created benefits mainly women in rural area, since they constitute the main source of employment in the transformation units of the cashew nut factory. This income enables them to provide a financial income for the household. The project participates in a positive evolution for the social position of women.

The program creates a lasting contribution to peace thanks to its supports in balancing the two regions of the country: North and South. The socio-economic differences participated in corrupting the national political climate and are one of the causes of the armed conflict in Ivory Coast that started in 2002.

Diffusion and distribution

Produced in partnership with the independent label Jarring Effects, this compilation album will be available on December the 1st, at open price, starting at € 12 :

In the shop of the federation of independent labels : CD1D 13, rue Leynaud 69001 LYON

And on the platforms Web : and


To download :

       Press release (PDF : 89.3 kb)

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