NTFP Project / Chad

2013 → 2015 : Strengthening reflection capabilities, initiatives and national skills for increased income from Non TimberForest Products (NTFPs) and improved sustainable management of wood energy

Country: Chad
Origin of funding: European Union
Name of partner(s): SAHEL-ECODEV FIKIRNA
Start date: 2013
End date: 2015


Overall Objective

Reduce poverty among people with income of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and depend on wood as an energy source.

Specific Objectives

  • Include NSA & LA in a network, in close collaboration with local communities, leading a participatory process of exchange, dialogue and decision-making on energy and sustainable management of forests and their products (timber and non -timber)
  • Initiate and support actions in the field of NSAs to improve revenue, market access and reducing the pressure on forest resources

Place of implementation

Chad : Gera Hadjer - Lamis , Moyen Chari , Mandoul and Logone Oriental

Target groups

  • 1500 poor NTFP harvesters (gum, shea nuts, balanites , dum ... )
  • 25 groups of gatherers / collectors of NTFPs including 50 % women
  • 50 local craftsmen trained in renewable energy
  • 40 institutional managers (decision makers and technicians) and local authorities of the Ministry of Environment , Water Resources and Fisheries, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the departments in charge of forestry
  • 10 NSAs, TPE, local POs and private actors can improve the market, the development and management of fuelwood and NTFPs

Final beneficiaries

  • Household members 1500 gatherers (9000 people)
  • The populations of target areas have access to optimized energy 
  • National authorities in charge of rural development , NWFP and Energy

Expected results

  • R1. Capabilities and skills of the NSAs, TPE and PO have strengthened their capacity to meet the needs of stakeholders and their emergence
  • R2. A multi-stakeholder network at different territorial scales is active and allows dialogue, exchange and decision-making
  • R3. Access to NTFP market is improved, income increased AGR
  • R4. The consumption of non-sustainable energy was reduced (improved stoves, pyrolysis ovens ...)
  • R5. Practices of sustainable forest management are adopted in line with the national regulatory framewor

Main activities

  • A1 . Methodological support for 10 NSA, support for project management, definition of strategic plan, developing partnerships
  • A2 . Participatory diagnosis and exchanges / support for sustainable reduction of socio-economic pressures on the forest ecosystem to regional and national local levels, according to the guidelines inspired by COMIFAC
  • A3 . Training gatherers, NSA, TPEs and OP on NFTPs and structuring of sectors for better market access, more profitable marketing, development of innovative energy solutions and sustainable resource
  • A4 . Enabling and facilitating a coherent and proactive network on NTFPs and timber resources that facilitates dialogue and decision-making

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