2013 → 2016 : GOURMANTOUR - Integrate socio-economic needs of peripheral populations of protected areas for better nature conservation in West Africa.

Country: Burkina Faso
Origin of funding: European Union
Name of partner(s): INADES-FORMATION Burkina Faso Commune de Tansarga
Start date: 2013
End date: 2016



Gourman_1Overall Objective

Intégrate socio-economic needs of peripheral poulations of protected areas for better nature conservation in West Africa. The project intends to contribute to MDGs 1, 7 and 8.

Specific Objective

Promotion of ecotourism as a catalyst for a local economy respectful of the environment along the cliffs of Madjoari and Gobnangou.

Place of implementation

Burkina Faso ; East Region ; Provinces of Tapoa (Logobou, Tambaga, Partiaga, Namounou, Tansarga and Diapaga departments), of Kompienga (Kompienga, Madjoari and Pama departments) and of Gourma (Fada N’gourma and Matiacoali departments).

Target groups

5 local village associations of 500 people
5 local farm, fishing and hunting groups with 500 people
5 groups of NTFP gatherers with 500 people and the groups of Concerned Forest Management
50 local craftsmen, 20 local community leaders (at least 35% of the direct beneficiaries are women) 

Final beneficiaries

20 000 inhabitants of the villages along the cliffs of Gobnangou and Madjoari.

Main activities

  • Activity 1 : Creation of an ecotourism product peripheral of the Arly Park and structuring supply.
  • Activity 2 : Marketing Promotion of responsible ecotourism.
  • Activity 3 : Capacity building of local economic sub-sectors contributing indirectly to the ecotourism offer and to conservation of natural resources.
  • Activity 4 : Promoting a sustainable social dialogue between local authorities and populations.

Expected results

  • Result 1 : The local ecotourism product offer has improved and is diversified, including enhancement of cultural, natural and landscape wealth.
  • Result 2 : The demand for alternative tourism products around the W Park is stimulated.
  • Result 3 : Income generated from the local economy of peripheral regions of the Arly Park have improved.
  • Result 4 : A cell of multi-stakeholder governance - including administration of the territory and traditional use of resources - exists.

With the financial support of :

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