N’KALO Project - Ivory Coast

September 2011 → December 2014 : N'KALO - Promote integration of cashew professional agricultural organizations in the international market


NEWS ABOUT THE PROJECT : see the French page of NKALO

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Detailed Description of project :

  • Overall Objective 1 : Improve the income of producers through better risk management of marketing in an international context marked by the instability of agricultural prices and increased international demand.
  • Overall Objective 2 : Increase the productivity of cashew orchards, the sustainability of family farms and processing through the promotion of Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Specific Objective : Strengthen the capacity of 200 Professional Agricultural Organisations (PAO) of producers and 7 PAO of processors identified by the project, in partnership with the private sector.

Place of implementation : North of Ivory Coast

Duration : 3 years (2011 to 2014)

Beneficiaries :

  • 200 PAO of producers representing 20 000 cashew nut producers
  • 7 PAO of processors representing 1000 women processors

♦ Result 1 : "20 000 producers have access to the Support Service Markets (SAM) and improve their income"

Activity 1

  • Facilitate access to market information for 20000 producers
  • Strengthen the economic and political structure of 200 target PAO
  • Facilitate the access of small farmers to bio and fairtrade certification

♦ Result 2 : "1000 jobs in rural environment perpetuated by a first agro-processing and the value added on agricultural products is increased"

Activity 2

  • Strengthen the technical capacity of 7 PAO processing
  • Implementation of an integrated chain between OLAM and cashew processing units

With the support of :

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This project is also part of the African Cashew Initiative program (AC-iCA) implemented by GIZ.

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To download :

       Project Summary NKALO (PDF : 66.6 kb)

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