Nile Perch Sector Workshop - Lake Victoria (Tanzania)

17 September 2012 : Organization of a regional multi-actors workshop on the "Nile Perch" Sector " - Mwanza, Lake Victoria (Tanzania)

RONGEAD and its partner EMEDO organized a multi-actors regional workshop gathering all the upstream stakeholders of the Nile Perch sector on the 17th of September 2012 at Ukerewe Island (Lake Victoria, Tanzania).

This event follows the first historical international multi-actors workshop of the Nile Perch sector held in Mwanza, Tanzania in April 2012 with representatives of all the stakeholders of the value chain (from fishermen of Lake Victoria to European Nile Perch filets consumers). This second event is an additional step in the setting up of a more sustainable Nile Perch Value Chain and shows the engagement of the stakeholders of the South. The contribution of about sixty actors of the upstream part of the sector in this regional workshop has led to the selection of prioriy actions to be undertaken and therefore making the Declaration of Mwanza more concrete, document developed and signed by all the participants of the International workshop in April 2012.

Numerous fishermen, boat and gears owners, middlemen of the Nile Perch trade, fish processing industries, small-scale fish processers (women), retailer on local markets and actors involved in fish residues processing took part in the event. Representatives of NGO working in the fisheries sector as well as fishermen from other regions and even from Kenya were also present. Governemental authorities (from village to regional level) also participated.

Two main themes were discussed during the workshop :

  • the explanation of the Declaration of Mwanza followed by 5 round tables to select priorities within the declaration and determine their implementation. Each round table was compound of different categories of actors of the upstream sector. One was dedicated to the authorities. Several themes selected among the numerous items mentioned in the Declaration of Mwanza seemed to make a consensus among the stakeholders: improve price transparency and access to information; fight against corruption in the fisheries sector linked to an efficient fight against illegal fishing; and capacity building of the Beach Management Units.

A step forward has also been reeched in the field of stakeholders’ responsabilisation. For each selected themes, each category of actors, especially those present at the workshop (i.e. upstream actors of the chain), assigned to itself engagements to follow regarding the implementation of the priority actions mentionned above.

  • the second them was about the question "how do we organize ourselves?" at fisherfolk level especially. Several key persons testified of their experience regarding this topic such as Ali Juma, secretary and fundor of KENAFA : the first Kenyan national fisherfolk association created several years ago as well as Jovitha Yuston, treasurer of a network of various self-help groups in the region of Kagera, west side of Lake Victoria. These interventions initiated, among the present assembly, reflection on the importance of being organized at different levels (village, ward, district...) among fisherfolks, upstream actors in order to speak with one voice and to be heard.

Another similar workshop, in the Lake zone, should take place in a few months in order to share the discussions from the stakeholders of the North, to carry on implementing actions towards to the priority themes selected during this 17th of September and to continue the awareness of the stakeholders on the necessity to be organized to be heard.

This multi-actors regional workshop of the South should echo back in the North and the stakeholders of the downstream part of the chain should hold a meeting soon as well with the same aim of improving / increasing the concretisation of the Declaration of Mwanza and the reinforcement of Nile Perch stakeholders’ awareness.

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