PAFPIK Project (Korhogo - Ivory Coast)

2011 → 2014 : PAFPIK - Promotion of Integrated Suburban Family Farming in Korhogo

Country: Ivory Coast Burkina Faso Mali
Origin of funding: Fondation de France / CFSI CFSI - Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale
Name of partner(s): Chigata

Detailed Description of project

Overall Objective 

The project aims to promote 1) the implementation of an organisational framework relating, by short circuits and for the benefit of local communities, family suburban agricultural products, and 2) integrated management plans for urban waste at the Senoufo area level.

The PAFPIK project achieved the following results :

  • 520 vegetable women processors technically trained and supported in property acquisition
  • 7 market gardeners groups supported
  • 7 suburban schools supported : 2 equipped with biodigesters (550 meals per day)
  • 1 platform of 400 women waste collectors supported in valuing of organic waste
  • Equipment of all market gardeners women groups in order to be related to schools to obtain organic fertilizer co-produced during the anaerobic digestion of school canteens waste
  • All the targeted schools are equipped with biodigesters for the canteens (total : 2500 meals per day)
  • The waste collecting platform of Korhogo values the organic waste and sells biogas and organic fertilizer

With the support of :

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 In partnership with :


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