Partnership APYN - RONGEAD (Lake Victoria, Tanzania)

5 October 2012 : Biogas for womens' groups producing probiotic yogurt in Mwanza and surroundings (Tanzania) - 5th October 2012

RONGEAD has initiated a new partnership with the NGO APYN - African Probiotic Yogurt Network based in Mwanza, Tanzania within the SEED Project - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development. APYN was recently created as a result of many years of work from several organisations in the field of women’s right and empowerment as well as community health.

APYN promotes the establishment of probiotic yoghurt community health micro-enterprises that economically empower at risk and/or impoverished women and youth. Probiotic yoghurt aims at improving health and nutrition of the community, especially for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The event took place at Sahwa kitchen, Buhongwa, Mwanza on the 5th of October. Sahwa kitchen is one the women’s groups that produces probiotic yogurt and has benefited, last June, from a biodigester (Compact Biogas System) through the SEED project in order to boil milk for yogurt making.

The session started by distributing yogurts to the participants, about 70 persons. Then, Mama Ana gave a brief background introduction explaining the various initiatives about fight for womens’ right in Mwanza region. All the involved organisations, then, presented themselves: APYN, RONGEAD as well as EMEDO (another local partner organisation of RONGEAD for the SEED project) which is now our technical reference for biogas in the Lake Victoria area.

APYN 1Mama Mbogo, the representative of Sahwa kitchen, explained the benefits of producing yogurt as an economic activity for the members of the group as well as the benefits of using biogas for their activity. A member of the community living with HIV testified of the beneficial effects of consuming probiotic yogurt daily.
Esther of APYN detailed how probiotics, consumed in yogurt form, improve the immune response, reduce intestinal disorders, morbidity and death of people living with HIV and reduce the risks of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) for women. Then Nashon of EMEDO made a demonstration of the use of biogas explaining how it works and its benefits.

Among the assembly, most people came from the surroundings; representatives of organisations such as TAREA (TAnzanian Renewable Energy Association), VI- agroforestry and SIDO (Small Industries Development Organisation) also participated.
Besides raising awareness among the community regarding the benefits of consuming probiotic yogurt and using biogas, many persons showed great interest on biogas technology and interested in acquiring a household system ! 


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