Project Tanzania : building biodigesters

9 October 2012 → 11 October 2012 : Training of artisans on building and managing Compact Biogas Plant

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of October, 8 artisans were trained practically during 3 days to strengthen their knowledge on the "Compact Biogas System" technology. These artisans came from different districts of Mwanza region where Compact Biogas Systems have already been built; most of the artisans actually have a CBS.

The training enabled the trainer to tackle in details the theorical aspects of biogas production, construction and use of biodigesters. The major part of the training was, however, devoted to practical sessions.

By group of 2, the artisans had to build a CBS on their own, from A to Z, including the construction of gas cooker and with minimum interventions of the trainers. One of the CBS was then installed on site under the responsibility of the artisans.
A test was also conducted to verify the knowledge of the artisans especially on the understanding of the technology, its aim and its benefits.
After the training, each artisan will have, in order to be fully qualified, to find a client where he will construct and install a CBS. Then the project will be able to ask for his services.
On top of developping a new economic activity, the work of these artisans will increase the rate of construction of biodigesters among the communities of three districts. They will also insure the technical monitoring of the plants during the weeks after construction. Communicate about the technology and identify new clients will also be part of their mission.


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