SEED Project - Tanzania

2013 → 2015 : SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Lake Victoria - Tanzania)

Country: Tanzania
Origin of funding: Fondation Ensemble Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme REEEP
Name of partner(s): EMEDO
Start date: 2013
End date: 2015

Detailed description of the project:

The SEED Project (Sustainable Energy for Economic Development) follows previous actions undertaken by RONGEAD and local partners. The general objective of the 24-month SEED project, which began in January 2013,is to promote the commercial distribution of biogas technology, CBS (Compact Biogas System), around Lake Victoria.

CBS is a biodigester with a floating dome that recycles organic waste into biogas on the one hand and fertilizer on the other hand. In order to create a sustainable distribution circuit of CBS around Lake Victoria, the project team works simultaneously with both supply and demand.

In order to support the provision of biogas units, the project collaborates with private actors who specialize in the commercialization of this kind of technology in different geographic locations. In January 2013, no companies were present around the Tanzanian side of Lake Victoria. The project seeks to accompany their business strategies and to facilitate their insertion into the dynamic local markets. Specifically, the project supports the training of local technicians that these companies can then use as licensed local relays. Depending on the situation, the project can also assist these private structures in commercial and technical implementations in the area (commercial branches, franchises, etc…)

With regard to demand, the project has three specific lines of action:

  • the sensitization to and the promotion of this still relatively unknown new technology;
  • the facilitation of access to credit and loans for potential clients;
  • the stimulation of the market of co-products of methanisation, that is to say fertilizer.

As such, the project is conducting communication campaigns that specifically target the micro and small urban entrepreneurs in urban areas. In addition, the project supports local community Micro Finance Institutes (MFI), a system which facilitates access to credit for potential customers. Finally, experiments are currently underway to demonstrate the efficiency of fertilizer coming from biogas units, and its use in technical agricultural processes for high value-added products.


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