TIC Project - Market Information & Support Service

Presentation of the document "Market Information & Support Service" published within the frame of the TIC Project developed for cashew nut producers of Ivory Coast (2009-2011)

The TIC Project  - Creation of a NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication) network to share the knowledge about the cashew nut world market and to valorize the cashew nut chain in Ivory Coast - implemented by RONGEAD, is funded by the European Commission (FED 2009) and co-funded by the Fondation de France, Fondation RAJA-Danièle Marcovici, INADES-Formation Côte d’Ivoire, Misereor, CartONG and Chigata (2009 - 2011).

This document is a presentation of the information service on the market which was developed for cashew nut producers of Ivory Coast.
This project has developed a dynamic network of information sharing with 9000 producers, 280 leader-peasants, exporters of the commercial cashew nut field and the state services of Ivory Coast.
This service reinforces information for a greater transparency and effectiveness of the market.
The results we obtained enabled to improve the living conditions of 9000 poor producers of cashew nut.
The trainings and field monitoring triggered an improvement of the producers and the actors knowledge on the field and the local and international market. They also gave them the tools, reacts and capabilities to handle the information that allow them in the end to sell the cashew nut to a better price.
This approach makes it a tool for risk handling for peasant. It also creates a safety net for the poor and dependent populations of this unstable market.


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