The N’kalô service has won a price in the international competition "Farmers have talent!"

26 February 2015 : The N'kalô service has been considered as the most innovative initiative in this competition launched by Livelihoods and SOS SAHEL

Real tool of economic intelligence to the actors of agricultural value chains, the service - supported by the CTA since 2009 - studied since its implementation, the ways and means to deliver various services and ensure its sustainability since it was initiated with development aid grants.


In September 2014, the actions planned under the grant from CTA has begun to be implemented works and the service has steadily improved since. Also in February 2014, in Ivory Coast, the mobile network operator Orange Côte d’Ivoire, partner and carrier of the mobile offer, acceded to the request of the teams and tried a communication based on push SMS over 3 million customers with various profiles. This has increased the number of users of less than 1500 to more than 22,300 in two weeks. The team for its part, now delivers at least 3 daily SMS (see enclosed screenshot) with prior to market information, then agricultural news if possible or necessary. These messages are no longer limited to sectors covered by the services of analysis of agricultural markets, they also cover all die where all relevant information should be disseminated (rubber, cotton, cocoa, mango, etc ..). The mobile offering is booming in Ivory Coast, waiting to catch Mali (+ 90 000 USSD consultations ). Not to mention the possible and hopefully imminent finalization of a similar offer in Burkina Faso (where the mobile offer is still carried on a smaller scale because none of mobile network operator has yet committed). 

The team still deliver trainings, advices, studies and diagnostics, through customized and tailored offers, accessible for all stakeholders and the service also keeps on editing newspapers on agricultural markets, some of which are grouped into a paid subscription plan, which is much more attractive than the one followed previously.

All these improvements and changes are part of the harmonization and sustainability achievement strategy of service, desired and supported by the CTA, which provides significant support to the activities of the field teams. The results along the way is promising, given the award from Livelihoods and SOS Sahel.

Sos Sahel
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