WTO Public Forum 2012 - Geneva

24 September 2012 → 26 September 2012 : Participation of RONGEAD CH in the WTO Public Forum in Geneva

Every year, the WTO organizes in Geneva a public forum, open to everyone, aiming at discussing the latest issues concerning the multilateral trading system.

It takes place this year from September 24th to 26th and poses the question : "Is multilateralism in crisis?" 

RONGEAD CH - very recently created - has participated in one of the workshops entitled "AFRICAN AGRICULTURE : Trade and Africa’s Agricultural Policy in 2025 : Possible Ways out of a Debacle" on September 24th from 2 to 4 pm



Agriculture is still one of the most important sectors in Africa’s trade policy. Besides other raw materials, agriculture commodities continue to be a major source of income for African countries. It provides the greatest amount of employment and of export earnings. Nevertheless, African governments spend less than 10 per cent of their national budgets on the agricultural sector. Donations given to Africa by the international community have increased by around 250 per cent since 1980, while the contribution to the agricultural sector has decreased by 50 per cent. During the same period, poverty levels have remained very high.

The objectives of the session will be :

  • to present the current major challenges in the African agricultural sector related to its trade policy;
  • to deepen the understanding of Africa’s existing potential in the agricultural sector and link it to trade policy issues;
  • to present case studies from different African countries (Central and East Africa); and
  • to delineate an agricultural trade policy in which food security is central. 
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