WTO Seychelles

2006 : WTO Accession Support for the Republic of Seychelles

Organisation: RONGEAD
Country: Seychelles
Proportion carried out by candidate: 0 %
Number of staff provided: 2
Name of client: DMI Associates
Origin of funding: European Union
Name of partner(s): DMI Associates

Detailed description of project :

Global objective :
Evaluate the implications for the Seychelles of joining the WTO

Specific Objectives :

  • To make proposals for relevant amendments to legislation warranted by WTO membership
  • To contribute to raising awareness among the economic operators and population on the implications of WTO membership, in view of enlisting the broad support of all stakeholders

Implementation and expected results :

  • An analysis of the implications of joining WTO on the fiscal performance
  • A synthesis of the impact of membership on the performance of key sectors of the economy, in particular fisheries, tourism and the off-shore sectors
  • A synthesis of the potential implications on the social sector
  • An overview of the potential trade and economic policy adjustment measures
  • An overview of WTO Agreements that Seychelles will have to adopt through the regional integration program in ESA (Eastern and Southern African region)

Type of services provided :

  • Final Report including the results of the activities undertaken
  • Set of recommendations with respect to legislation and institutional reform
  • Set of recommendations aiming to improve the administrative and operational aspects of the Framework contract and individual assignments

To download :

       Project summary SYC.09.06 (PDF : 33.1 kb)

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