Nile Perch Workshop - 19th April - Mwanza (Tanzania)

RONGEAD organizes the first multi-actors workshop on the Nile Perch Value Chain in Mwanza (Tanzania)

Representatives of the whole value chain: fisher folks, boat owners, fish mongers, agents, fish processing industries, small-scale fish processors, importers, European wholesalers/retailers and European consumers were sitting at the same table to discuss and negotiatethe issues faced by the Nile Perch sector and especially its sustainability. Most of the representatives who participated are members of the Responsible Fishing Alliance (RFA). Local and international NGOs as well as regional and local authorities were part of the workshop. To complete the panel, representatives of international institutions such as the FAO and the WFF (World Forum of Fish harvesters and Fish workers) and academicians also participated in the event.

The main objective of the workshop was to enable all the stakeholders of the sector to get to know each other in order to understand better the situation and the issues faced by one another: whether it was the stakeholders of the "North"realizinghow complex the situationis and how large is the number of actors involved in the upstream part of the chain or whether it was fisherfolks discovering the role of the various stakeholders of the "North". Through this event stakeholders were able to build a common vision of this sector which is experiencing serious difficulties, to be aware of the importance to collaborate and work together.

Then, gathered in round tables, the different stakeholders discussed potential solutions to be implemented at every stakeholder’s level with the aim of improving the sustainability of the sector.

The themes of the round tables were :

  • Price, value-added repartition and trust among actors
  • Access to capital and equipment
  • Quality, traceability and certification
  • Biodiversity and diversification of activities (to reduce pressure on the Nile Perch stock)
  • To what extent local authorities should participate to improve the sustainability of the ‘Nile Perch’ resource?

Link : Project SEED - Lake Victoria

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